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To Inspire And Empower The Human Spirit – One Person At A Time

A Spiritual Entrepreneur
On A Mission To Impact 10,000 Lives

Hi, i'm nish Gordhan

I got tired of helping rich corporations get richer so I decided to work with real everyday people. I now dedicate most of my time helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create a business, and life that they absolutely love.

Over the last decade, I built an agency that helped my clients grow their online businesses and recently founded LeadGrowth - an all-in-one software to help small businesses automate and manage all of their online marketing needs.

This has given me an unfair advantage in the marketplace and has allowed me to become a Dream Builder, Someone who unlocks your inner potential and can help you build your wildest dreams.

"You Have One Shot At This Life. ONE."

i am your dream builder and

I Am Going To Be Your Most Trusted Advisor.

When I coach my clients, I think about what I would do if it were my family. I don’t pretend to know everything, and I honestly discuss the risks and rewards sincerely. I want my clients to feel at home and to feel that I care about their dreams and goals as much as they do. This is not a transaction for me; this is all about helping my clients transform.

Business is evolving, your customers are overwhelmed with choices, and the digital landscape is emerging faster than ever. Business is knowing how to handle various problems, adapting to emerging technology, and the ability to anticipate your next five moves, which you typically won’t learn from a book.

As you might be aware, trying to start, build, or launch an online business these days is a major problem. Countless statistics show that more than 80% of businesses will fail in the first five years. Moreover, with global outsourcing and technologies like A.I just around the corner, the risks of being a nine-to-fiver are just as risky, if not more.

Unfortunately, the online business space is flooded with courses, coaches, and hype – all promising to help us get results but ultimately only adding to our overwhelm and frustration…

My goal is to break your goals and business down to the basic building blocks, and within a few months, you will have a productized business that will give you back your time, sanity, and a life on your terms.

I started my first online business twenty years ago and failed miserably. After that, I started about a dozen more businesses, which made me painfully realize that a business is a reflection of its owner; If you can’t manage your life, chances are high you won’t do well running a business.

Armed with my business and tech background, I became obsessed with human optimization and performance. I found myself working with healers, coaches, and influencers across the globe, eventually leading me to spending months at a time in mediation retreats

I spent the last decade honing my entrepreneurial skills and built an agency that helped my clients grow their online businesses. I recently founded LeadGrowth – an all-in-one software to help small businesses automate and manage all their online marketing needs.

Although I love the tech and business side of things, I have now made it my mission to help others find their own versions of this freedom, clarity, and joy.

I reamain committed to helping my clients unlock their true potential, live with purpose, and bring more joy into their lives. We have one shot at this life… Make it count!

In my late 20’s, I found myself overwhelmed, exhausted, and on the verge of burnout. I knew that if I wanted to help others, I would need to do the inner work first. You can’t lead someone to a place that you’ve never been.  

I spent the last decade and over $300,000 learning from industry leaders, hacking my own biology, reading over 500 books, and being part of some of the most exclusive masterminds on the planet. In the last few years, I have been part of: 

  • Tony Robbins Business Mastery ($8,000)
  • Tony Robbins Date With Destiny ($6,000)
  • Darren Hardy’s Business Masterclass ($10,000)
  • Sad Guru’s Inner Engineering Program ($1,500)
  • Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach ($11,000) 
  • Joe Dispenza’s Workshops ($4,500)
  • Frank Kern High-Level Fellowship ($12,500)
  • Peter Diamandis Abundance 360 ($9,000) 

I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I’m obsessed with this stuff. My clients deserve the best of me, and I want to give them an unfair advantage by working with me, and I’m willing to do anything (ethically) it takes to help them win. 

If we are not a good fit or you are unsatisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, I don’t want your money. I will refund my entire fee in full.

Business Coach Toronto
About Us
About Us

My Job Is Not To Be Easy On People.

My Job Is To To Push Them And Make Them Even Better

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

I Will Impact 10,000 Lives!

My mission is to change lives – not just human lives, but all living beings. I want everyone to enjoy an abundant life, full of love, peace, and joy. I want to help you unlock your hidden potential and help you re-engineer your destiny.

You see, having a strong purpose makes it impossible to merely exist. When you have a definite reason for living, a “why” behind every action, your passions and talents will drive you toward a happy, fulfilling destination.

We Are Here For A Very Short Time, Make It Count! 

What’s Your Why?


Enough About Me.
How Can I Help You Create Your Wildest Dreams?

who are we, if not measured

By Our Impact On Others!

Nish, you know how much I hated my job!!! Thank you so much for being authentic, for your empathy, and for really helping me get clear with what I wanted to create. I know I probably annoy you with all the tech and marketing questions but I truly love how I can literally talk to you about life stuff one day, health another day, and then you can also show me why my funnels aren’t working and how to fix my marketing. You are a great coach (and friend) Nish!

Emma Davies

Reiki/Energy Coaching

I don’t know what kind of magic you unlocked, but now I have people requesting my services in the DMs and comments directly! People are blowing up my DMs!!!  Can’t wait for your next course!!!

Julie Williams

Social Media Marketing
I hired Nish during a very challenging time in my business. Covid lockdowns caused a big drop in revenue and I was forced to downsize. Nish helped me turn chaos into order, gave me some powerful strategies, and gave me the direction and confidence I needed to get through one of the most difficult times I’ve ever experienced. 

Irwin Dela Cruz

Wellness Center
“What I appreciate most about working with Nish is the flexibility, experience, and knowledge he brings to marketing. I was able to leverage his recommended tools to better understand my clients, as well as come up with content and messaging that clearly displays my brand and culture. I couldn’t be happier.”

Amanda Rowan

Yoga Instructor
Nish is patient and really knows his stuff.  I honestly recommend Nish to anybody starting out or anybody feeling stuck. He knows the tech, the digital, and really understands how to help people get results….

Kylie Trach

Social Worker

Nish is brilliant. His structure, knowledge, and ability to walk you through your business step-by-step. His actionable and helpful exercises made me look at my business in a whole new way and see lots of broken systems and processes. Working with Nish was a no-brainer investment for me and has already paid off several times over.  

Alan Furgenson

Health Coach

I got my first client because of Nish and it’s paid for my investment. Thanks Nish, I couldn’t have done it without your help!!!. I wish other coaches understood marketing and the tech stuff like you do…

Ferhana Ikram


I have been a therapist for 10+ years and have taken numerous courses and worked with at least a dozen business coaches. . Nish, you are MY FAVOURITE.  You understand the marketing, the business, and how to put together all the tech. More importantly, you helped me get in front of my customers and showed me how to systemize my life and work.. This has been a true game-changer for me.   BIG thank you Nish….

Amita Patel

Marriage Counselor

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