Time flies and each day directs business-minded people and institutions to new technological developments. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one area that has been experiencing tremendous changes as time goes by. New SEO trends are hitting home each day, and you should be ready to make the most out of these opportunities in 2021.

SEO is an integral part of your business, whether small or big. As an established business coach or therapist, search engine optimization trends will significantly impact your venture. At all times, you should work hard to for your business to rank at the top. 

With ever-changing SEO trends, the number one position will be valuable than ever. Business coaches must create great content with the right keyword phrases and clutter and content the target audiences want to consume. Therapists and other professionals in the business world have to prepare their SEO strategy accordingly.

Here are top search engine optimization trends to watch for and stand out in your endeavors. Have a look:

 Voice Search

A few years ago, voice search was not-existent. Today, voice assistants have popularized voice search beyond many peoples’ and corporates’ wildest dreams. Companies have to take this opportunity and optimize voice search.

Through voice search, life coaches and other professionals can get information at any moment. The best way to optimize your content for voice search is to create and organize it according to what your clients wish to hear or read. 

As you create your content, think about the niches where voice search is applicable and widely used. However, you have to make sure your website can provide fast results after searches. 

 Video Marketing Strategy 

Your effective SEO strategy will need to include video. Online videos are the in-thing and the way forward when it comes to marketing businesses. YouTube has a billion users, and you can utilize this opportunity to reach a larger audience, which will translate to more lead conversions. 

If you have not been creating video content, this is the time to get started. However, you have to make sure you optimize your video content with will include the video channel description and name. 

The text content length won’t matter much, so don’t cram it with keywords. Come up with a user-friendly overview of what your video channel is all about. 

Featured Snippet

Featured snippets provide a means to pass the message out to the target audience. You have to optimize your content, and search engines will direct more traffic to your content. 

With the right featured snippet, it’s easy to answer clients’ questions right away, but you have to make sure you get extra brand exposure in your search results. Featured snippets will increase brand recognition, consistency and offer greater visibility to your target audience. 


Branding will have more power, and business coaches have to utilize this opportunity and focus on building your brand. People trust brands, and it increases customer loyalty and recognition. 

Branding gives your business authority, and you will gain trust. These are vital facets search engines look for when determining where to rank your content. 

Use different marketing platforms to build your brands, such as social media, blogs, and podcasts. You will be giving search engine links to index and rank your business at the top. Social media and inbound links from different websites will benefit your website immensely. 

Mobile-first Indexing 

For a better user experience, it’s advisable to make your website mobile-friendly. Google has utilized this opportunity and has introduced mobile-first indexing, meaning it will look at the mobile-friendly version of a website.

Nearly 73% of internet users access the internet via their smartphones, a trend that is likely to grow beyond 2021. Business owners have to make sure their pages are user-friendly, and search engines can easily crawl their links. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is getting more complex every day, and a lot is expected to change in the future. Days of just optimizing keywords and Meta titles are gone. There are new search engine optimization trends to utilize. Don’t wait until someone else takes your spot. 



Published On: January 22nd, 2021 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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