Cleaning Companies

Not only is the residential home cleaning business expanding, but commercial and retail spaces will now require frequent cleaning to be compliant and keep their customers safe. There is no barrier to entry for young entrepreneurs who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty. All you need is a few substantial contracts, and within months, you could have some opportunities for monthly passive income.

Mask makers

Etsy now has more than 20,000 shops selling homemade masks, which is nothing when looking at the number of masks available on amazon. As we now live in a new post-COVID-19 world, everyone is looking for ways to protect themselves; thus, masks’ demand has soared.


Mike Baird, the president of customer solutions at telemedicine Amwell, stated that the call volume has increased five times higher than their peaks during the flu season. Businesses that can connect patients to their doctors or therapists virtually will see some high volumes in the coming months and years.

Grocery stores

By now, most people are used to the long lines outside of grocery stores. Nobody knows how long this pandemic will last and if another one will resurge, but one thing for sure is that some entrepreneurs are cashing in on pop-up grocery stores. In some cities, the local government is assisting and financing these ventures to alleviate the increased demand.

Meal prep and delivery services

Food delivery services throughout the globe are seeing a record number of customers due to coronavirus and quarantine. With this significant boom, many new entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to enter a multibillion-dollar industry. These business models are thriving, and this could be the new normal.

Fitness equipment and services

Looking at market trends, we see a significant increase in home fitness equipment such as yoga mats, fitness trackers, and resistance bands. As gyms remain closed, many are now resorting to online virtual workouts. If you have ever wanted to start that fitness youtube channel, this might be a perfect time.

Delivery Services

If you are a brick-and-mortar, you need to figure out how to make your goods deliverable ASAP. As for entrepreneurs’ opportunities, the postal and delivery systems are severely overwhelmed and are starting to see bottlenecks resulting in delayed shipments. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who can connect with local retailers and offer them delivery services. You will need to get creative here, but there will be plenty of options.

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