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FaceBook Advertising

The average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month

The average Cost Per Click on Facebook was $0.39

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Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing platforms on the planet

Use Facebook Ads to find the right client in Canada at the right time.

We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

We will track how many times an ad appears on a page, how many users clicks ads, and which ad clicks led to conversions. We track this daily and optimize regularly.

To ensure your service is found by the right customers, we create a custom audience based on location, interests, and other user-centric demographics. Save money and time while reaching your ideal customers.

Facebook continues to change year after year, and in order to succeed and get the most effective results, we follow Facebook’s latest algorithm changes and have established transparent systems and processes to make sure your hard earned money is well managed and deliver results.

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Do You Want an Automated Marketing System That Gives You More Clients Every Month?

Customer Retention Is The Cornerstone

Yes, Show Me How.


Of Users

Don’t even scroll past the first page of Google.


Conversion Rate

If SEO is done right and attracting the right visitors to your website.


Of Global Population

Is using voice search on mobile.  This could go up to 54% in 2021

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“We try not to focus on having a blog just for the sake of having a blog. We focus on creating content that will help our clients”

Facebook will continue to change the way it advertises and the list of new features will continue to grow. To help identity what’s best for your Facebook Advertising Strategy, You need to be crystal clear on Your Business Goals, Knowing Your Customer, and how You Differentiate from Your Competitors.

Nish Gordhan

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